Confetti Balloons

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Item Description:



·    Material Latex



·    SizeL 120cm/S 40cm



·    ColorRandom



·    Item TypeConfetti Balloons



·    Quantity1 pc/5pcs



·    Weight56g/28g



·    BrandComzendle







·    New designs, more attractive



·    Excellent Party Decor Idea for Indoor & Outdoor Use




How To Use:



·    Use machine or hand pump for safe and easy results. 



·    If you don't have one. Sanitized the balloon neck before you put in your mouth. 



·    It is easier to first inflate balloon half the size. And release the air. and then inflate to the actual size.



·    For an easier inflation stretch out balloon before using.



·    Do not inflate bigger than the recommended size it my pop.



·    It holds helium gas for 1 to 2 days.




Package Included:



·    1pc x Colorful Latex Balloon(L Size)



·    Or 5pcs x Colorful Latex Balloons(Small Size)







·    Too much air cannot stay float too long and don’t forget to fasten the balloon tightly!

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