New Men's Excalibur MH 2723

  • $ 89.99
  • Save $ 210

Product Description:

The Excalibur  MH 2723 is a stunning Timepiece with a unique Face Design.

It is a mechanical watch with an automatic movement that can be seen as you look at the watch from the back and front.

The Timepiece is self winding simply by wearing the watch and does not have or need a battery.

By turning the crown you can also wind the movement up manually if you don't intend to wear the watch every day.

This is one of our most exclusive and extravagant models to Date and is sure to catch everyone's eye.


This watch is water-resistant but not waterproof, our warranty does not cover water damage.

Grab your discounted Men's  Excalibur  MH 2723 while the store launch special is on. Once we reach 100, we will be moving the price back up to $299.99

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